General Information

vpn_key Entry age   1 month - 70 yearsold 
all_inclusive Age at maturity  till the end of age 98
description Policy term  99 minus entry age
attach_money Premium payment term  equal to Policy term
low_priority Frequency of payment  annually, semi-annually , quarterly, montly


Comprehensive protection

o Pay Loss of income allowance due to Hospitalization up to 150 days in a year, 3000 during Policy term

Guaranteed investment

o Total payments for surgery allowance is up to 100% Sum Assured (SA)

Flexible choice

o Waive of Cost due to death and Total and Permanent Disability

Insurance benefits

Maturity benefit

Policy Account Value is paid on the day right after maturity date.

Persitency benefit

Customers enjoy this benefit since the 5th Policy Anniversary (% average Base premium of Main plan)

  • 5th to 9th Policy Anniversary: 10%
  • 10th to 14th Policy Anniversary: 15%
  • 15th to 19th Policy Anniversary: 20%
  • 20th to 24th Policy Anniversary: 40%
  • 25th Policy Anniversary onwards: 75%

Persistency benefit is paid to Top-up Account Value. Customer can flexibly withdraw the amount of Persistency benefit and a proportion of Base Account Value to afford spending and education fees for children.

Death benefit

Customers can choose either the Level option or Advanced option.

  • Level option: When customers suffer from death, Aviva will pay the HIGHER value between SA and Base account value plus Top up account value.
  • Advanced option: (from the age of 66, Advanced option will change to Level option): When customers suffer from death, Aviva will pay the TOTAL value of SA and Base account value plus Top up account value.
Total and Permanent Disability benefit

Equal to Death benefit.

Non - lapse guaranteed benefit

For remaining policies in the first 3 years.

Hospitalization benefit

% Sum Assured of Hospitalization product:

  • Loss of income Allowance due to Hospitalization: 0.2% SA
  • Loss of income Allowance due to Special Hospitalization: 0.4% SA
  • Allowance for health care cost: (max 3 times/year): 2% SA/time for 10 consecutive days of hospitalization.
Surgical benefit

% Sum Assured of Surgery product:

  • Pay 2%, 5%, 10%, or 20% SA if Life Assured experiences surgery.
  • Total payments for surgery is up to 100% SA
Waive of Cost

- Due to death and Total and Permanent Disability: In case partent (Policy Holder) unfortunately suffers from death or Total and Permanent Disability, Aviva waives Policy.

- Admin charge and Cost of Insurance for LA of Main plan and all SPs. The child is still protected and has the opportunity to receive financial benefit from Policy Account Value in case of parent’s absence.

Benefit Illustration

Supplementary products

Joining various supplementary products gives a comprehensive protection not only to yourself, but also to other members of your family

Death and TPD

Death and TPD

Multiple stage Critical Illness

Multiple stage Critical Illness

Hospitalization SP

Hospitalization SP

Waive of Cost due to Late stage CI

Waive of Cost due to Late stage CI

Late stage Critical Illness

Late stage Critical Illness

Personal accident

Personal accident

Surgery SP

Surgery SP

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