Credit life product is designed exclusively for Vietinbank customer

The life is like the boat passing oceans smoothly, sometimes it can cope with the ups and downs of a strong wind or fierce waves. As a proactive rider, each of your choices will decide the direction of the boat and lead your companions to the peaceful berth.

With Phat An Tin Dung, Aviva will accompany with you on the same boat, help you to continue taking care of your beloved ones by preserving the collateral, being your behalf to pay the bank loan and ensure the peaceful life for your beloved family when they need protection at most.

Credit life product is designed exclusively for Vietinbank customer


Reasonable premium

o Flexible periodical payment.
o It is possible to select a constant premium or changeable premium based on remaining loan balance.

Simple procedure, trustworthy service


General information

vpn_key Life Assured  Individual who has credit contract with the bank
vpn_key Age at entry   18 - 60 years old
all_inclusive Maximum age at maturity   65 years old
description Insurance term Equal to the term or remaining term of the loan but not exceed 20 years
attach_money Premium frequency Once or equal to loan interest payment frequency (Yearly/ Every 6 months/ Quarterly/ Monthly)
description Product terms  Please refer at here

Insurance benefits

The amount of outstanding loan

(including remaining loan principal and interest) will be paid by Aviva in case the risk of death or total and permanent disability occurs.

The collaterals (if any)

Will be preserved and remained under the ownership of the customer and his family.

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