The optimal protection solution against critical illnesses

The sage named Amonimus said: "The nearest way to overcome difficulties is to go through them". On your way, there are always difficulties; you have the right to select for yourself a psychological position to face with it gently. More than ever, you need the best plans to safeguard yourselves from challenges and difficulties in life.
Phat Bao An is designed with the purpose of offering the most optimal protection solution to enable you easily overcome difficulties when coping with popular critical illnesses, sharing with you your financial hardship to continue enjoying beautiful life outside.

The optimal protection solution against critical illnesses


Financial support

o Support necessary financial for treatment process of the most 5 popular critical illnesses currently

Comprehensive support

o Offer the comprehensive support with an allowance for loss of income and fund of future recovery for your peace of mind during your treatment


Simple payment method

o Simple and reasonable payment method. 

General inforamtion

vpn_key Age at entry   18 - 60 years old 
all_inclusive Maximum age at maturity  Not over 65 years old
description Policy term 5 years/ 10 years/ 15 years
attach_money Insurance term Equal to Policy term
attach_money Premium frequency  Annually
description Product terms  Please refer at here

Insurance benefits

The optimal protection solution against critical illnesses:

Treatment expense

100% Sum Assured will be paid immediately in case customer unfortunately suffers from one of five mentioned above critical illnesses.

Loss of income support

After receiving Treatment expense, customer will receive Loss of income support for 12 consecutive months (the amount of income support is equivalent to 5% Sum Assured/month)

Recovery fund
  • After 12 months receiving Loss of income support, customer will continue receiving 10% Sum Assured per payment in the 13th and 19th since the time receiving Treatment expense to restart your life after treatment
  • In case customer is unfortunately not able to overcome illness and receive fully three benefits as mentioned above, customer will be paid in lump sum the entire benefits which have not been received before.

Benefit Illustration


Joining various supplementary products gives a comprehensive protection not only to yourself, but also to other members of your family

Term life rider

Term life rider

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