A solution to minimize accidental damages

Among non-stop hustles, somebody may overstep the border between happiness and unhappiness just after some unlucky moments. 

Understanding that fact, Aviva offers an insurance solution for accidental risks and injuries. It helps you hold in hand every happy moment of your life


A solution to minimize accidental damages


Phat Binh An has outstanding features of the protective insurance product

Long-term coverage (up to 15 years)

o Commit to keeping the regular premium unchanged within the policy term.



o Refund up to 105% of the paid premium for non- accidental death
o Sum Assured (SA) continuously increases up to the double initial value of Sum Assured.


Protection scope

o The best coverage on the market for damages related to an accident.

General Information

vpn_key Age at entry  6 years old - 65 years old
(Maximum expired age of 75 years old)
all_inclusive Insurance term 5 years/10 years/15 years
all_inclusive Payment term Equal to Insurance term
all_inclusive Premium frequency Year/ every 6 months
description Product terms Please refer at here

Insurance benefits

Catagory Description
Hospitalization income due to an accident
  • In case of locating at Intensive Care Unit (ICU), the customer will be paid 3 times of Accidental hospitalization income/ day.
  • Receive a meaningful amount of medical care.
Accidental disability and dismemberment
  • Accidental disability and dismemberment benefit will be paid the amount corresponding to Disability rate (%) x Increased Sum Assured.
  • Total permanent disability: will be continuously paid monthly Loss of Income Allowance Benefit in the next 6 months.
Death benefit
  • Accidental death: 100% increased SA
  • Public Conveyance Accidental death: 200% increased SA.
  • Natural death: 105% of the paid premium.


- Increased Sum Assured: From the second policy year, Sum Assured will be increased by 10% upon the Increased Sum Assured of the previous year, however, the Increased Sum Assured cannot exceed 200% Initial Sum Assured.

- The payable death benefit will be the amount mentioned above minus all paid Accidental disability and dismemberment benefits.

Besides, the customer can select one of the 04 insurance packages designed to fit with different protection needs. For further details of insurance packages, kindly please look here.

Benefit Illustration

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